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The OWIMEX Advantage

The OWIMEX Company specializes in bulk wines, and uses this expertise and knowledge to offer the quality and style of wine that will fit your requirements.

We use our local and global knowledge and extensive network to bring growers, suppliers and end-users together. With four offices located around the world representing all major wine growing counties in California, we can offer supply solutions to an extremely diverse international client base.

We have built strong relationships with all of California major wine companies. We are recognized internationally for reliable information and extensive bulk wine inventories, in both volume and quality.

Our goal is to provide the best information, experience, inventory and service in the global bulk wine market.

The Purchase Process

The OWIMEX Company recommends that customers take advantage of the wine sample system to assist in finding the perfect wine. No matter what volume of wine you are looking for, we can assist in finding the correct match for your requirements. We work with all valued customers to develop required wine specification details, which can later be used to form part of the purchase terms. With our global knowledge we can help source wine styles and prices from our global inventory. Once we are aware of your wine style requirements, we will organize samples for style approval.

The OWIMEX Company negotiates both spot market and long term bulk wine contracts. We are responsible for matching the needs of the buyer with the available supply options from a diverse range of producers. This enables buyers to diversify their supply risk.

Easy Steps

To Purchasing Small Lots of Wine in Bulk through OWIMEX Spirits.

Maybe you need 2,500 gallons of Chardonnay to complete an order from an important customer or just a few barrels of the right Cabernet Sauvignon to add some punch to a blend. This is the right place to start your search for the perfect wine. Purchasing small lots – and anything under about 3,200 gallons is a small lot – requires good organization and often the ability to respond quickly. Here are the steps to take to make the bulk market work for you.

It is important to remember that the bulk wine market is organized primarily around large volumes. Many sales involve ten or twenty truckloads (app. 6,400 gallons each) or more. Many Sellers with large lots of wine for sale will not sell less than either half of a truckload (app. 3,200 gallons) or even a full truckload. This is because of the difficulties in maintaining fully topped tanks and also because of the transaction costs of small sales. Often, if a winery is willing to sell smaller lots, the Seller will charge a premium over the regular asking price to cover the extra costs. In searching for wines that might work for your program, it makes sense to focus on lot sizes in the range of what you need.

As a potential Buyer of wine in bulk, you must have evidence of proper federal and state licenses, which are required to receive samples and to purchase or to sell wines in bulk. Bulk wines are sold "in bond" and must be transferred from one bonded premises to another. If for export we will handle all arrangements in getting the product to you.

WE require payment in advance of shipment for small lots. When you have your licensing, transportation and finances in place, check out the wines listed for sale on the OWIMEX web site, focusing on appropriate lot sizes relative to what you need. Per your request, OWIMEX will supply, at its expense, samples for laboratory analysis. Samples usually come in either 375 or 750 ml bottles, based on the Seller’s practice. If you find lots that might work for your program, you may request one repeat round of samples, also at OWIMEX expense. Samples should be labeled with the proper information provided by the Seller, including varietal percentages, vintage percentages, appellation percentages, volume, and lot number. Wines are sold "conforming to the samples submitted". Buyers are responsible to perform their own analysis on wines considered for purchase.

It is important to note that all of the wines are subject to prior sale or withdrawal from the market or to changes in price, quantity or blend. The offering on the bulk market change all of the time. The best wines sell fast! The Buyers who respond rapidly get the pick of the litter.

If the Seller has established an official asking price, the price is stated on the sample label. If the Seller has not set an asking price, OWIMEX can advise you of market conditions to help you determine an offering price. OWIMEX will also review with you the other details of a purchase offer, including volume, price, payment terms, shipment timing, and any other additional request you may have. OWIMEX will present the offer to the Seller and negotiate the deal to a successful Win/Win agreement for the parties. OWIMEX then documents the transaction detailing the points negotiated along with all of the information on the wine and contact information on both Buyer and Seller. It is the Buyer's responsibility to review the document ASAP to make sure all of the details are correct.

OWIMEX asks the Seller to supply the Buyer with two shipment confirmation samples. Shipping logistics and costs are the responsibility of the Buyer and must be communicated by the Buyer to the Seller in a timely fashion. When the truck arrives, the buyer should compare the wine in the truck to the shipment confirmation samples to confirm that the wine conforms to the samples submitted.

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