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Founded by American wine lovers, on a path to share their passion with same-minded people, decided to create their own wine export company, called OWIMEX Spirits.

OWIMEX Spirits is a leading wine & spirit company with an exclusive and company branded wine, beer and spirit portfolio, distributing our premium portfolio of beverages through our global network of importers, retailers and hospitality clients in such diverse markets as Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, India and UAE.

Led by the same passion that initiated the company and comforted by the success of its business model, OWIMEX started to develop its activities outside of South East Asia. We started ventures in Asia and Europe, including China as a strategic market. In order to comply with the company's international ambitions, OWIMEX have partnered with leading wine & spirits manufacturers in Italy, Russia, Mexico, and the contiguous United States.

In our effort to expand sales in the greater China region OWIMEX Spirits joined forces with Strata USA, an exporter of gourmet specialty food and beverages. Strata USA brings with its strategic distribution alliances in Asia that have over 400 distribution points in ten Asian countries with corporate offices in Hong Kong and sales offices in Manila, Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei and Singapore. In addition OWIMEX Spirits has warehousing facilities in Vietnam, Hong Kong, and China and is contracting with some of the most reputable logistics companies in those regions.

OWIMEX Spirits has been aggressively moving into the private label wine business where we take premium wines and bottle them under our customers labels in a turn- key program for our customers.

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